More Security Option using File Blocker feature

File Blocker Feature


File Blocker feature will improve the security of your Smartlaunch Server because it will block all executable files in a specific folder that you choose from being executed.


How to to apply and use File Blocker feature?

1. Open Smartlaunch Server >> Client Computer >> Security >> Default >> Edit

Image1. Edit default security profile

2. Click on Tab “File Blocker” >> Add >> Provide the path of your File Blocker folder without quotes.

Image 2. Creating file blocker folder

3. Example the name of your folder is “FromServer” and it is located in drive C. The path will C:\FromServer and click Add to create the folder.

Image 3. File blocker is created

4. Apply the security profile to certain user groups. Open Smartlaunch Server >> General Setting >> User Groups >> Choose certain user group to apply the security profile >> Edit.

Since we created a Default security profile as mentioned above, we need to apply this security profile to certain user group, in this sample is to user group Members. It means we will apply the file blocker feature for Member user group

Image 4. Choose certain user group to apply the security profile

5. Now please turn on your Client and open Smartlaunch Administrator. Please login a user who is a part of Members user group.

Please setup the download folder in your Client’s browser to the same folder as your file blocker folder which is mean that every downloaded file will located in the file blocker folder.

Here is the fun part about the file blocker feature. Every time your user downloaded executable file, the file will be located in your file blocker folder. Since we have setup this folder in the list of file blocker folder it means user will not able to run the executable file because it is not allowed.


Please see the screencast below about File Blocker and it is also available in Youtube.

Image 5. All executable files located in the file blocker folder will not able to run

If you have any question or issue about File Blocker feature in Smartlaunch please contact us at [email protected]