Queuing customers and the Waiting Line

Smartlaunch has a built-in waiting line feature. This means that you can add people to a queue when you dont have any available computers in your store. When you add a customer or user account to the queue the next available computer will only be available to the customer at top of the waiting line.

The waiting line is accessed from the menu on the left.

Adding People to The Waiting Line

  1. Go to the User Account screen.
  2. Right-click the user you want to add to the waiting line.

Choose Add To Waiting Line

Monitoring The Waiting Line

If you go to the Waiting Screen screen you will notice that the user account we just added to the waiting line is at the last spot in the queue.

Smartlaunch will automatically calculate if there are any free computers and also the time when a prepaid session is finished.

Altering The Waiting Line

You can always alter the structure of the waiting line. Right-clicking a user in the waiting line will give the following options:

  • Move to top
  • Move up
  • Move down
  • Move to bottom
  • Delete