Reporting in Smartlaunch (Financial/Statistical)

Smartlaunch has built-in support for a variety of reports.

Go to Smartlaunch Administrator >> Financial Wizard:

Here, you will see a broad selection of choices to make in terms of what report you’d like to generate (explained below):

Financial Report Types

  1. Interim Statements Summary Financial Report – complete list of items sold in a given period of time, grouped by type of product.Detailed Financial Report – complete list of transactions sold in a given period of time, grouped by type of product.More about Interim Statements can be found Here
  2. Transaction Lists Complete list of recent transactions
  3. Account UsageDetails regarding user statistics and details
  4. Offer UsageDetails regarding offers and how they are used
  5. Offer Expiration Details regarding offers and which have expired or will expire
  6. Receipt BrowserBrowse past receipts with filters
  7. Shift Report Details regarding your employees and their starting/ending shifts

Statistics Wizard

To access the Statistics Wizard, go to Smartlaunch Administrator >> Statistics Wizardmenu item at the top:

In every type of report under Statistic Reports you can choose the output either chartor XML:

Statistical Report Types:

  1. User StatisticsTime UsedMoney UsedProducts Bought
  2. Usage StatisticsUsergroupsComputers
  3. Application StatisticsApp Usage
  4. Financial/Employee StatisticsEmployee Total Sales

User Statistics

User statistics offers detailed information about your users products purchased, time played, and money spent:

  • See how much time each customer has played in the selected time frame.
  • You can choose filters by age, specific PC, or usergroup.

The selected filters should generate something like this:

Usage Statistics

Analyze the usage in your cafe and determine occupancy ratios in a time frame of your choice:

  • Choosing All in the Usergroup drop-down box will show every group
  • You can choose filters by age, a specific computer or usergroup.

The selected filters should generate something like this:

Application Statistics

Application statistics gives you a detailed report on the usage of your games and application during a period of your choice:

  • Choose the period of time and how many games you want included in the graph.
  • You should then get a pie diagram showing the applications and games used in the period of time.

Financial Statistics

Financial statistics display how much money your employees have made (and products sold):

  • Filters are available, such as time period, time range, specific or all employees
  • This report allows you to view how much money each employee has sold in the form of products and their distribution

The diagram should look similar to the following screenshot:

Exporting Data

You can also export your data by going to Smartlaunch Administrator >> Export Log Data

From here, you can choose to export one of two choices:

  1. User Information – All data related to users
  2. User Log Data – All data relating to activity

>> See the screencast about Smartlaunch With Performance Reports below:

Edit by Edwin 12/04/2017