Scan Installed Applications

When your store begins to grow larger and has many programs installed on each computer it becomes increasingly difficult to manage all these applications – are they still installed? have some of them been deleted?

This utility can verify if the application still exists on one or more computers in just a few seconds. You can launch the utility from the menu Utility -> Verify Application Installations. In this example, we want to verify the installed application on computer no. 3.

You can also right-click a computer in the Graphical Overview -> Utilities -> Check .Doing this will check for the applications right away.

When you check verify the installation, you can choose what file you want Smartlaunch to verify.

  • Executable: The file, which Smartlaunch executes when launching a program from the client.
  • Batch: Sometimes you launch a program from a batch file – check if this file exists.
  • Image: Verify if the game image exists.