Setting Layout and Device Grouping

Computer grouping makes it possible to group computers based on price, type, client skin, colour, or store layout. This especially useful if you have groups with difference prices or have setup computers only VIP’s are allowed to login to.

Computer Type let you specify any of your devices as a virtual computers – that could be a console, pool table, laptop or any other device.

Layout groups makes it possible to you get a better overall view of all your machines and devices in the store through the Graphical Overview located in the Smartlaunch Administrator. This lets you get a bird’s eye view of your entire operation in real-time.

Computer Grouping

The general computer group is used to make groups of computer with different prices, skins and allowed user groups. You can create a computer group by clicking the button called Edit Computer groups and then Add Group.

Adding a new computer group requires you to enter a Name and a few other settings:

  1. Pricing Percentage
    Defines how much the price should vary from the normal price structure.
  2. Interface Skin
    You can choose to have a different client skin on a group of computers.
  3. Allowed User Groups
    Specify what user groups which should have access to this computer group. For instance, if you have a VIP group – you can disallow all other user groups than the VIP group to access these computers.
  4. Color
    Just to make it easier to identify the computer group in the list.

After you have created a computer group you need to move some of your computers to this group to make it active. You can do this by selecting all the PC’s you wish to group, then right-clicking, then choosing “Move to group” followed by your group selection, as shown below:

Layout Groups

Layout groups are used to group computers in different layouts on the Smartlaunch Administrator. If you click the button called Edit Layout Groups you will see the following window:

To specify the computers which should be in the different layout groups you need to move normal computer groups into the layout groups.

  1. Select a layout group
  2. Press Add Group
  3. Choose Existing computer group
  4. Choose the Computer Group you want to move to this Layout Group.

Computer Type

You can also define the type of computer from this screen.

You can also define the type of computer from this screen.

  1. Select the computers you want to change and then right-click and select Set Console Type.Keep in mind that setting a computer as a virtual computer will use one of your licenses just as a normal computer
  2. The selected computers are now marked as the chosen console type. The Smartlaunch Administrator will automatically update the changes.