Setting up Products and Offers

Products and Offers are set up in the Smartlaunch Server.

You access Product and Offers from the Server Settings – > Financial Setup – > Products / Offers

As you can see in the image above, the products and offers you enter are placed in categories.

Adding a Category

To add a Category simply choose a category from the drop-down menu:

Specify a name and an icon for the category. You can furthermore specify a default tax for any products in this category. You can always alter the taxes of a specific item in a category.

Adding a Product

Adding a product to Smartlaunch is a quite simple process. Begin by choosing Product from the Add menu. You will see the following screen:

There are a couple of parameters you have to fill in:

A descriptive name of the product. This name will also appear in the Smartlaunch Administrator when you add products.

The category, which the product you appear in.

Client Order
Defines whether a customer should be able to order this product directly from the Smartlaunch Client.

Stock control
Defines if you want the built-in Stock control system to track changes in the stock regarding this product. If you check this option – it will also be included in the Shift report as an item you need to count.

What taxes apply to this product? You can choose if you want to use the default group tax as specified when you created a group or you want to customize the taxes.

Default Price
The price of the product.

Cost Price
What is your purchase price of the product?

If you use a barcode scanner in your cafe you can scan the product or enter the barcode in the text box.

Custom User Group Prices
You can specify different prices for each of your user groups. By default, the price is the same for each user group.

Click Apply when you have adjusted all the settings.


Please see the screencast below about How to create products and offers. It is also available on Youtube.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]