Setting Up Your Smartlaunch Database

Smartlaunch can support both MySQL and MS Access databases. By default, Smartlaunch uses MS Access as it’s database.

Setting up the Database

The Database Setup is accessed from the General Settings tab in the Smartlaunch Server Settings.

Here, you can choose your database type and assign credentials to the database.

Optimizing the MS Access Database

When you use this type of database and you notice a performance reduction you can choose to clear some of the data to improve the performance. You can choose to clear financial, statistic and technical data from the database.

Please be aware that clearing data is not undoable. We recommend, that the only thing you clear is the technical log as it grows very fast and in many cases does not contain vital information.

These features is only meant for large databases and only as the last thing you can do to improve performance.

For greater control over the optimization process, you can also download the Database Optimizer Tool.

Accessing the Smartlaunch Database Directly

To access the database you can use MS Access or any ODBC tool.

Please note that you should not modify any data in the database while the Smartlaunch server is running. Smartlaunch loads the contents of the database in memory, therefore; if you make changes to the actual file your changes could be overwritten or cause the database to become corrupted.

Regarding the Smartlaunch 3.6 database:

To load the database in MS Access you will need to change the database file name so it has a .mdb extension. The password to the database is “rezq”. After opening the database in Access you need to open the Window menu and select “Unhide”

MySQL Database Setup

If you choose MySQL, you will need to have a MySQL server running on a computer. Currently it is not possible convert an existing Access database to MySQL without the use of an external converting program such as Access-to-MySQL and follow our guide on migrating from Access to MySQL (advanced users).

Modifying the Smartlaunch Server Database via SQL Commands

Modying the Smartlaunch server database via SQL commands can be done when the Server is stopped. It cannot be modified while the server is running.

You can directly use SQL commands or another application to update the database that is located in the folder: C:\Program Files\Smartlaunch\Server\Data\DB