Using Smartlaunch POS

To get started with Smartlaunch POS, add a barcode scanner, cash drawer, and receipt printer to the PC with the Smartlaunch Administrator.

Login to POS Administrator

  1. Log in. You should have your own personal password. The password for the cash register will be provided by the administrator or store manager, and is set in Smartlaunch Server – > Settings – > Employees.

Enter your username and password, and log in. If this is your first run, there will be a default username and password, which is admin/admin.

The name of the person who is logged in to the Administrator is visible in the bottom left of the app. All sales will be registered to the person who is currently logged in, and the name of the logged-in person will also appear on the receipts. If you want to switch to another salesperson at the cash register, click on the close button in the top-right corner, log out, and then log in again.

Start selling

Selling a product to a walk-in customer.

Click Product Sales on the top menu:

You will now see the cashier window, like below:

In this window you sell products, offers, and prepaid tickets with ease.

Select the user group in the top right-hand corner, if you have set up different prices for different types of users such as members and VIPs.

Choose the product on the left >> enter quantity >> Add to the payment window on the right:

Enter the amount received – even if over the amount – and change will be displayed

Now optionally click Print Receipt >> Pay to finish.

Selling tickets

( For Detailed version see Creating and Selling Prepaid Tickets: )

You can also sell tickets via the bottom-left button Prepaid Tickets tab:

If you are familiar with selling products, tickets should feel easy —

Click Prepaid Tickets >> Select ticket group >> Select ticket to sell >> Add

Printing the receipt will look like this (below):

Using the Barcode Scanner

Before you can scan a barcode at the Administrator you need to associate your products with a barcode, which is done in the @ Server >> Product Settings:

When you have associated a barcode with a product, you can scan the item from the Administrator interface.


You can’t have any windows open except the Product Sales window.

If the Product Sales window isn’t open when you scan the product, it will automatically popup once the product has been scanned correctly.

Select a product and press ‘Add’ to add the product to the shopping cart.

Scan products

You can also add a product to the cart by scanning its barcode with the
barcode scanner.

You can scan several products in a row and then add them all to the
shopping cart.

Click ” Product Sales” to go to the Cashier and start selling.

Adding a product or offer to a user account is done in a few simple steps. It is possible to do this from either the (graphical) overview or the user account screen. It depends on whether the account you want to add the product to is logged in or not.

The Graphical Overview

1. Locate the computer, the customer is using.

2. Right-click the computer and choose Current User. Locate the Add product / Offer menu item

3. Press the menu item and the Cashier will popup – a window you have seen before, as it is used to add everything to a user/guest account.

4. After you have chosen the product or offer you need to specify how many etc. The product and offer details are shown below:

5. You need to specify how many items of the product you want to add to the user/guest account and if you want to change the price of the product, by specifying a custom price in the field. When you are finished choosing these options, press Add.

6. As you notice, there are some more options to take care of when adding an offer to a user/guest account. Depending on the type of offer you need to chose what time the offer should be valid – this is only required in certain types of offers – in this case for instance – a night gib, which is held every Friday or Saturday night from 1 AM. Press the Add to add it to the current bill.

7. Verify the bill on the right side of the screen and finish the cashier by choosing the payment method and pressing the Pay button.

There are several shortcuts that make it easier and quicker to add time:

F1: 1 hour
F2: ½ hour
F3: 15 minutes
F4: 1 minute
Ctrl+R or Numlock 0: Reset the time

You can also use Numlock 1-9 to instantly add 1-9 hours to the selected user accounts.

If you press enter it will add the time and close the window.

The User Account Screen

You can sell products to a user by entering the user name in the search field at the top of the Smartlaunch Administrator.

Using Drag ‘n Drop to Sell Products

You can also sell products by dragging a product to the customer using the Drag ‘n Drop menu on the right of the Smartlaunch Administrator.

Right panel

This is the Drag ‘n Drop panel used to add time or products quickly to a session.

The Main Window

  1. The Main window in the Administrator application – displayed below:

Switching between Main Screens

As you can see, there are six different screens, that you can switch between from the sidebar on the right side of the screen – each with unique features, which is briefly explained below:


This screen displays detailed information about all your computers in your cyber cafe. You can see information in the current status – is it turned on/off, who is the current user, how much time is left on the account, etc. This is useful to get investigate the details of your computers and online users.

Graphical overview

In the daily management of your store – this screen might be the primary one. On this screen, you can customize the layout of your computers so they can match the physical setup at your cafe. This makes it easy to locate and startup a computer.

User accounts

Every-time you create a personal user account of a customer it will display on this screen. It provides you with an easy overview of your user accounts, so you for instance can identify customers with a negative account.

Bookings, Tickets, Logouts, and Log

These other screens will be explained later as they are not important yet – they represent more advanced features. [Read more]

Bottom Panel

As you can see, there is a panel in the bottom of the screen, which has different purposes.

  • Recent Log
    Shows the latest 15 actions made in your cafe.
  • Product Ordering
    Shows product orders from the Client computers.
  • Fingerprint Scanner
    If you have a fingerprint scanner attached you can activate and choose some options.

Right Panel

This is the Drag ‘n Drop panel used to add time or products quickly to a session.