Using Smartlaunch POS

To get started with Smartlaunch POS, you will need to add a barcode scanner, cash drawer, and receipt printer to the PC with the Smartlaunch Administrator.

Login to POS Administrator
Once these devices are set up, log in to the POS Administrator using your personal password. If this is your first time logging in, the default username and password are “admin” and “admin”, respectively.

The name of the person who is logged in to the Administrator is visible in the bottom left of the app. All sales will be registered to the person who is currently logged in, and the name of the logged-in person will also appear on the receipts. If you want to switch to another salesperson at the cash register, click on the close button in the top-right corner, log out, and then log in again.

Start selling

To sell a product, go to the Product Sales tab on the top menu and enter the user group, product, and quantity in the cashier window. Enter the amount received, and optionally print a receipt and pay to finish the transaction.

You will now see the cashier window, like below:

In this window you sell products, offers, and prepaid tickets with ease.

Select the user group in the top right-hand corner, if you have set up different prices for different types of users such as members and VIPs.

Choose the product on the left >> enter quantity >> Add to the payment window on the right:

Enter the amount received – even if over the amount – and change will be displayed

Now optionally click Print Receipt >> Pay to finish.

Selling tickets

To sell tickets, go to the Prepaid Tickets tab and select the ticket group and ticket to sell. Print the receipt to finish the transaction.

‘( For Detailed version see Creating and Selling Prepaid Tickets: )

Using the Barcode Scanner

To use the barcode scanner, associate a barcode with a product in the Server’s Product Settings. Then, scan the product from the Administrator interface to add it to the shopping cart.

When you have associated a barcode with a product, you can scan the item from the Administrator interface.

To add a product or offer to a user account, right-click the computer the user is using, choose Current User, and select Add Product/Offer. Specify the details of the product or offer and press “Add” to add it to the user’s bill. Verify the bill and pay to complete the transaction.

The Graphical Overview

When adding an offer to a user or guest account, there may be additional options to consider depending on the type of offer. For example, some offers may only be valid during certain times, such as a “night gib” offer that is valid on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 1 AM. In these cases, you will need to specify the time that the offer is valid in order to add it to the customer’s bill. To do this, select the appropriate time from the options provided, and then press “Add” to add the offer to the current bill

The User Account Screen

To sell products to a user using the Smartlaunch POS, start by searching for the user’s name in the search field at the top of the Administrator. Once you have found the user, you can either enter the details of the products you want to sell in the cashier window, or you can use the Drag ‘n Drop menu on the right of the Administrator to quickly add products to the user’s account.

Using Drag ‘n Drop to Sell Products

The Drag ‘n Drop menu is a convenient way to sell products to users, as it allows you to quickly and easily add time or products to a user’s session. To use this feature, simply drag the product you want to sell from the menu on the right and drop it onto the user’s computer on the left. This will add the product to the user’s account and update the bill accordingly.

The Main Window

The Main Window of the Smartlaunch POS Administrator application includes several different screens that you can switch between using the sidebar on the right side of the screen. These screens provide various features and information related to managing and tracking sales, user accounts, and other aspects of the POS system.


The Overview screen displays detailed information about all of the computers in your cyber cafe, including their current status, current user, and remaining time on user accounts.

Graphical overview

The Graphical Overview screen allows you to customize the layout of your computers to match the physical setup of your cafe, making it easier to locate and start up individual computers. In the daily management of your store – this screen might be the primary one. On this screen, you can customize the layout of your computers so they can match the physical setup at your cafe. This makes it easy to locate and startup a computer.

User accounts

The User Accounts screen provides an overview of all of the personal user accounts that have been created in the system. This can be useful for identifying customers with negative balances or other issues.

Bookings, Tickets, Logouts, and Log

The Bookings, Tickets, Logouts, and Log screens provide more advanced features that are not covered in this summary. These screens are typically used for managing bookings, prepaid tickets, logouts, and logs of various activities in the system.

Bottom Panel

The bottom panel of the Main Window in the Smartlaunch POS Administrator application provides several different features and tools that can be useful for managing and tracking sales and user accounts.

Recent Log

The Recent Log section shows the latest 15 actions that have been performed in your cafe, such as starting or ending a user session, adding products to a user’s account, or generating a sales report. This can be useful for quickly seeing what has been happening in your cafe and identifying any potential issues.

Product Ordering

The Product Ordering section shows any product orders that have been made from the Client computers in your cafe. This can be useful for tracking customer orders and ensuring that they are fulfilled in a timely manner.

Fingerprint Scanner

The Fingerprint Scanner section is only available if you have a fingerprint scanner attached to your system. This section allows you to activate and configure the fingerprint scanner, making it easier to authenticate users and manage user accounts.

Drag ‘n Drop menu

Finally, the Right Panel is the Drag ‘n Drop menu that can be used to quickly add time or products to a user’s session. This can be useful for quickly adding items to a user’s account without having to go through the full cashier process.