Smartlaunch Skin Editor

This is a tool that we provide to edit your Smartlaunch Skinespecially if you are using the Smartlaunch New Interface Skin. The skin editor allows you to modify the XML file that comes with the skin (Smartlaunch New Interface has a Config.xml file that contains all of the skin setting, i.e. background, logo, icon, etc.)

You just need to use this tool to update your Smartlaunch New Interface Skin.
Please also notice that this feature ONLY works for skin version 1.4.6 and up
And for you who haven’t gotten the new interface yet, you can get it here.

Notes about Smartlaunch Flash Skins

All flash skins in Smartlaunch is only applicable with Flash 10. If you use the newer version of flash all those flash skins available in Smartlaunch will not works properly. Make sure you have Flash version 10 to be able to use these skins below.

If you are using newer verison of Flash please downgrade it to verison 10.

List of flash skins in Smartlaunch Server that work with Flash 10 but not with other latest version iof Flash:

1. Futuristic

2. Smartlaunch 3.6

3. Smartlaunch 4.0

If you still want to use those skins above but you are using special kind of language like Greek, Chinese and Arabic those skins will not works properly, and we recommend you to use our newer skin such as sl-interface v 1.4.6B instead.

If you have any issue or questions about it please contact [email protected]