The Utilities Menu

The Smartlaunch Administrator utilities are useful tools for the daily operation of a store. To see all the available utilities to see all available click on the Utilities dropdown menu.

Advance Search – Useful for searching specific users based on certain criteria.

Email Sender – For creating and sending emails to users. See the complete guide to Sending Email Announcements using Smartlaunch.

Verify Application Installations – Checks all available installed applications. Administrator can choose to verify the installation to make sure it is installed correctly.

Launch Application Remotely – launches the Launch Remote Applications Tool so applications can be launched from the Admin PC instead of going to the client machines one by one. See the How to Launch Remote Applications guide for more information.

Computer Status – Displays information on all your hardware connected to Smartlaunch. See the Computer Status guide for more information.

Licensing Status – Lists all the licenses currently available and in use, and how the system distributes those licenses to each PC in the entire store. See our guide on Licence Management for more information on managing application licenses.

Screenshots – Access screenshots taken of client PCs. This needs to be enabled in the Smartlaunch Server to work properly. To setup auto-screenshots and properties see our guide to Setting Up Auto-Screenshots.

Error Reporting Center – Displays a list of errors report from each client computer. Errors can be related to issues with the hard drive, display, or other kind of hardware related errors during a certain period of time.

News and Event Center – Let you setup news and event announcements that get displayed on each client computer or your store website. See our our detailed guide on setting up the News and Event Center in your store.

Stock Management – Allows you to management product stock in your store including setting categories, price and current stocks of items. For more information see our guide on the Stock Management tool.

Preferences -Setup preferences and administrator settings to manage things like connections, payments, users, and point of sale. See our guide on Setting Administrator Preferences for more information.