Users Preferences

1. General

  • Account open by Default
    When you create an account you can choose that the account should be open by default.
  • Automatic User ID
    If this option is set, the Smartlaunch Server will automatically generate a user ID.
  • Default User Group
    Specify what user group newly created users should be added by default.
  • Default Guest User Group
    The default user group for guest accounts. If you change a guest account’s user group at log in, it will automatically revert back to the default guest user account when the session is finished.
  • Barcode Scanning Options
    Specify which action should be run everytime there is a scanner detected in the system.

2. Guest Users

The purpose of this setting is to give options for Administrator to display guest customers.

  • Show guests
    Determines if the guest account should be displayed in the user account screen.
  • Advanced Guest Login (recommend)
    If you aren’t using the advanced guest login, logging a guest in will start a Play & Pay session.
  • Use Guest Names
    You can assign a name to a guest session when you start a new Pay & Play guest session.

3. Logout Handling

The purpose of this setting is to specify how Administrator in your store will handle the user logout.

  • Logout Sound

       The sound which is played when a user has logged out from a client computer.

  • Show Box

       When a user logs out Smartlaunch can display a popup box in the lower right
corner of the screen for easy access to end the session. The following options is
only available if you have the Logout Box enabled.

Show Admin Users
Determines if Smartlaunch should show when an Admin logs out from a client computer.

Display Time Left
You can choose to have any time left shown in the logout box.

Display User Groups
Choose what user groups, users should be, to display in the logout box.