What to backup in the Smartlaunch Server

There are three things to backup when backing up the Smartlaunch Server:

  1. The Smartlaunch database file (located in the %Smartlanch Install%\server\data\db directory). This file contains all your user information, game information, offers, pricing, products, employees, license information for games, and path information for personal user files. Depending on the database type you have set up in the server.inf, For databasetype=0 smartlaunch.mdb, for databasetype=3 smartlaunch.db.
  2. The server.inf file (located in the %Smartlanch Install%\server\data\inf directory). This file contains non-critical information, such as the VAT rate, text that appears on the client screen (e.g. your center name), etc.
  3. The user’s personal files. This directory is located at %Smartlanch Install%\server\data\users, each subdirectory is for a created user in your Smartlanch database and will contain zip files for the personal user files.