Among Us Peaked Half-Billion Players in November

Among Us Peaked Half-Billion Players in November

InnerSloth’s Among Us had a blast this year. The game which launched in 2018 quickly took the top chart in the latter half of 2020 after some streamers played the game live on their stream.

The goofy murder mystery game quickly took over streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube as the majority of streamers were teaming-up together and streaming the game. With the presence of many well-known streamers playing together in a single game, the collective audience watching them play the game easily surpassed that of large AAA game launches.

Among Us also won two awards this year at Game Awards 2020 and now it’s playable on Nintendo Switch, where it will reach far more players. The outlook for next year is very favorable for the game and with the promise of new content coming next year the game will attract even more players. 

According to the analytics site, SuperData, Among Us has peaked Half-Billion players in November 2020. The site named it as “by far the most popular game ever in terms of monthly players.” 

Most of the revenue only comes from PC sales as the game is free on mobile which accounts for a large chunk of its player base. In the coming months, the revenue is expected to increase as the game has just launched on Nintendo Switch and is also coming to Xbox in 2021. The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass meaning there’s another stream of revenue coming from the Xbox Game Pass deal. 

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