BBC to Broadcast FIFA 21 Global Series European Regional Qualifiers

BBC to Broadcast FIFA 21 Global Series European Regional Qualifiers

The EA FIFA 21 Global Series will arrive on the BBC between the 20th and the 21st of February.

The European Regional Qualifiers will be broadcast live on BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport online.

The competition is already well underway, pitting the top FIFA competitors from every corner of the world in an international tournament to vie for their share of the USD 3 million prize pool.

Football and esports fans alike will be able to follow the European Regional Qualifiers on the BBC as top esports athletes, representing their favourite European football teams, clash against one another to secure a spot at the FIFAe World Cup.

The schedule of the FIFA 21 European Regional Qualifiers and Playoffs is as follows:

  • European Regional Qualifier 3: 20th – 21st of February
  • European Regional Qualifier 4: 20th – 21st of March
  • European Regional Qualifier 5: 24th – 25th of April
  • European Playoffs: TBC

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