Esports Hotel e-ZONe Has Opened in Osaka

The 3rd of July, the first esports hotel in Japan opened its doors to guests. In Osaka, Japan, the country’s first esport hotel known as e-ZONe has opened its doors to gamers and is fully kitted out with top-end gaming PCs.

e-ZONe is stacked with 72 top gaming PCs and is said to cater to special events, such as esports competitions. There are also huge 55-inch monitors said to be on each floor and a range of different peripherals available for the PC setups.

Due to Covid-19, the hotel was hit hard from the start, pushing organizers to delay opening by three months, following the declaration of a state of emergency in Japan.

Osaka has introduced a contact tracing system since June, using a QR code that allows venues to register visitors. It is currently in use at many public institutions in the city. The customers provide their email addresses, and should positive cases be confirmed, they will be notified.

e-ZONe is also participating in this voluntary scheme. In addition, the hotel is only working on less than half of capacity as a precaution towards Covid-19. The hotel is also taking precautions to prevent the spread of infection, such as using disinfectant and measuring customers’ temperatures.

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