Gunnar Optik and ESL Create Gaming Glasses

Gunnar Optiks is the number one company that specialises in creating safety glasses to protect the eyes from computer vision syndrome. They have now collaborated with ESL to create gaming glasses, and the first signature ESL design Gunnar glasses are called the “ESL Blade”.

ESL Blade is lightweight and sleek, customised to be used for everyday gaming and player comfort. One might ask, how does one wear these glasses and a headset on top? The answer is that these glasses have been cleverly designed to be able to adjust to this situation. The glasses have a steel wrap-around frame to relieve pressure while wearing headsets.

The glasses are available in Gunnar’s amber lense, which blocks out 65% of blue light (BLPF 65). During Covid-19 and lockdown, screen time average has shot up, making people more prone towards computer vision syndrome. The eyes lose the capability to recover from muscle tension caused by staring at a screen for longer periods of time.

These smartly designed glasses contribute towards player health, and especially for professionals who do daily training in front of computers. The glasses retail for 79.99 USD.

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