Nikko AM Lists Asia’s First Gaming ETF in Hong Kong

Japan’s Nikko Asset Management has launched an ETF (exchange-traded fund) in Hong Kong aiming to tap into the growth of the computer games and esports industry.

With a total revenue that exceeds the combined revenues of both the movie and music industry, egames and esports is the new entertainment medium. The ETF will invest in a spectrum of companies that will benefit from the growth of the sector. This includes game- and software developers, hardware manufacturers, and companies linked with high-speed telecommunications and streaming infrastructure.

Nikko Asset Management announced on the 15th of June the listing of the NikkoAM E-Games Active ETF on HKEX on the 16th of June. The ETF gives investors access to a diversified portfolio of egames companies and related businesses, providing a virtual world investment opportunity.

The maturing of critical technologies in cloud computing, 4G-5G internet connectivity and micro-payments anchor a strong base to sustain continued growth. As egames and streaming media become increasingly accessible through every mobile phone, this will continue to transform how the masses are entertained.

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