Rokoko Introduces Smartgloves For Games Developers

This week, the award-winning motion capture creator Rokoko, introduced its Smartgloves. The Smartgloves act as a solution towards the notorious difficulty that games developers face of animating 3D finger and hand motions. Quality tracking devices have been out of reach for a lot of games developers who want to create 3D animated characters on a budget.

Rokoko saw the opportunity to create a solution, a hand and finger tracking solution that captures every nuance of a hand in the most affordable way possible. The Smartglove does quality hand- and finger tracking for less than 1000 USD. Each glove has 7 sensors, a 6 hour battery time with 5000 mAh, up to 100 meters of WiFi range, and supports formats FBX, BVH and CSV.

Durable enough for fight scenes, but precise enough for individual fingers, the Smartgloves can capture the full spectrum of an actor’s hand performance, giving VFX, VR, game dev and digital artists a faster way to create better characters, and one less thing to animate. The Smartgloves are set to revolutionise the way 3D animation characters are made, and accessibility for developers on a budget.

The Smartgloves are available for pre-order on Rokoko’s website, for 895 USD.

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