Top Esports Win LPL Summer Splits 2020

Top Esports (TES) is a Chinese esports organisation, and today it was revealed that they won the 2020 LPL Summer Splits Championship. The 2020 Summer Splits has been one of the most turbulent ones in competitive League of Legends. TES victory came from a 3-2 match against the spring 2020 champions JD Gaming. It seemed like a rematch of the spring finals, where both teams competed against each other to win the prize.

This has been the eight consecutive year of the professional Chinese league of legends league, and Top Esports secured their first LPL title ever. In their Spring 2020 playoffs, TES found themselves outmatched by JDG’s superior bot lane. TES’ true advantage comes to the mid lane matchup. Towards the end of the match, a perfectly timed Ashe Ult by JackeyLove allowed TES to claim victory.

JackeyLove is a bot laner for TES, and joined Top Esports only earlier this year in April. Previously, he played as a bot laner for Invictus Gaming, and is one of the strongest gamers on the market. It will be interesting to see what TES will bring to the table in forthcoming competitions.

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