Twitch Unveils ‘Versus’

Twitch has recently unveiled Versus, a suite of tools that allows users to organise and livestream esports tournaments online. For competition organisers with not enough resources to host esports tournaments, this is a good alternative. With Versus, Twitch opens the opportunity for empowering players and organisers of all sizes and skill levels.

The feature is currently in closed beta, and only open towards collegiate esports leagues, Twitch Rivals Competitors and game devs, for now. Twitch didn’t go into the specifics of what tools are offered for broadcasts. What we know is that Versus lets users create custom landing pages, competition brackets, and player registration forms.

The closed beta version will run for a few months, in order to test that Versus works accurately for casual and complex competitions. There is also a waitlist you can join if you are interested in trying out Versus yourself. What is interesting about Versus, is that it is similar to Facebook’s own platform called “Facebook Gaming’s Tournaments”. It is interesting to see what Twitch will continue to bring onto the table with their foray into esports.

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