Valorant Releasing for PC 2nd of June

Valorant Releasing for PC 2nd of June

Riot Games has announced the launch times for the 5v5 first-person shooter’s official worldwide release across several regions on the 2nd of June. Valorant is primed and ready to take off.

As it will be a full-scale global release across distinct time zones, the game will roll out in phases for countries in various regions around the world. The 2nd of June release times for the mentioned regions are as follows:

Korea, Japan, and most of Asia-Pacific: 8:00 am KST, 8:00 am JST, 12:00 am BST (2nd of June). 7:00 pm ET, 4:00 pm PT (1st of June).

Europe, Turkey, MENA, Russia, and CIS countries: 6:00 am BST, 7:00 am CEST, 8:00 am EEST, 1:00 am ET (2nd of June), 10:00 pm PT (1st of June).

North America, Latin America, and South America: 1:00 pm BST, 8:00 am ET, 5:00 am PT (2nd of June).

As a result, Japan, Korea, and most of Asia-Pacific will fully experience Valorant Episode 1: Ignition first. Turkey, Europe, Middle East & North Africa, Russia, and CIS countries will follow next. North America, Latin America, and South America will be the last regions to hop on.

The full launch of Valorant will bring a ton of new content as well as some changes. Beta progress won’t carry over into the main game. With player accounts reset and new content patched in, everyone will start afresh.

The Valorant launch will only be on PC, so PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android players won’t have any options for the time being. There are some leaks that suggest the game will come to PS4, iOS, and Android eventually, but on the 2nd of June there will only be the PC version of Valorant.

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