37 Percent of UK Consumers Familiar with Esports

37 Percent of UK Consumers Familiar with Esports

A new report about consumer habits was recently released by Yougov, called ‘Gaming and Esports: The Next Generation’. The report states that 37 percent of UK consumers are aware and familiar with esports, this is a fairly low number compared to other countries. Considering UK esports scene is growing tremendously, it comes as a fair surprise.

In China, around 72 percent of consumers are aware of esports, and 62 percent of Danish consumers. The countries that ranked the lowest in esports knowledge were Dubai and UAE, where the percentages were around 26 percent respectively.

The survey created by Yougov was done by providing a variety consumers across 24 different markets a survey where they had to answer multiple choice questions, about how they would most accurately describe esports.

Scandinavia showcases a strong esports landscape, by ranking very highly in the survey, particularly Denmark and Sweden. This survey by the data analytics company proves as particularly valuable, for companies to analyse and draw conclusions on regions with untapped esports potential.

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