Astralis Wins IEM Global Challenge 2020

Astralis Wins IEM Global Challenge 2020

Following a few days of competition, the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Online tournament has concluded, with Astralis winning the trophy and USD 200,000 as prize money.

The finals were between Team Astralis and Team Liquid in a BO5 match. Astralis took on Team Liquid in straight sets (3-0).

The first match was played in Inferno, where Astralis led in the first half (9-6). The team didn’t take much time to win the first game of the finals. The first half of the second game was completely dominated by the Astralis squad. The game took a turn in the second half as Team Liquid tried their best to reduce the points gap but lost by (11-16). The third game was played in Dust 2 where Astralis confirmed their trophy by winning the game (16-10).

The finalists didn’t top the table in group stage matches but made it through the finals by defeating Natus Vincere and BIG respectively.

The next major tournament for Astralis will be Katowice 2021, and it will not see a live crowd for this coming year. Katowiche 2021 starts on the 16th of February.

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