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The Growth of Esports in India

India has witnessed a remarkable growth in popularity in terms of esports. The rise of esports in India can be due to different factors:

Online Chess Is More Popular Than Ever recently published some amazing news regarding a sizable milestone: the popular online platform has surpassed 150 million members. As chess has become much more

The International 2023 Groups

The group stage draw for the most anticipated event of the year in Dota 2, The International 2023, has been revealed. This information has been

The Playstation 5 Slim Model Revealed

Sony has shocked the gaming world by revealing the PlayStation 5 Slim, both the standard and Digital Editions. Sony has also created and is marketing

Shanghai The No 1 Esports City

Shanghai surpasses Los Angeles for top spot in the rankings of global esports cities released by a team from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The rankings

The Esports Awards 2023

The Esports Awards 2023, one of the most important esports award ceremonies, will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the second consecutive year on