Clash Royale’s Season 13 Beach Battle

Clash Royale’s Season 13 Beach Battle

Clash Royale’s season 13 is called Beach Battle and is set to begin on the 6th of July. The season will bring a new Pass Royale, tower skin, emotes, game modes, and a summer-themed arena.

This season of the game will have a new arena set on the beach. The latest tower skin will also have a summer-theme to it. The “tropical turret tower skin” will be unlockable through the Pass Royale.

Three new emotes will be making their way into the game with season 13:

  • Summer P.E.K.K.A sipping on a coconut: It can be unlocked only through the pass royale.
  • Boombox P.E.K.K.A: It will be available in a shop offer.
  • Skeleton Snorkel: It can be unlocked through a challenge.

The new game modes coming with this season are:

  • The Floor is Healing: In this, troops and towers will heal automatically. Players can’t use building cards in this mode.
  • Stop The Giant!: This mode will feature a raged and over-powered Giant. Players have to create a deck with one locked Giant card.

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