CS:GO Surpasses USD 100 Million in Prize Money

According to esports earnings, CS:GO is currently ranked #2 in terms of prize money among all the esports in the world, beating Fortnite and League of Legends, which have a prize money count of about USD 94 million and USD 77 million respectively.

However, although CS:GO beats Dota 2 in player count, it falls short of it in terms of prize money. The MOBA by Valve rocks a total prize money of a whopping USD 226 million, which is unmatched in esports history.

WESG 2016 and WESG 2017 hold the record of tournaments with the highest prize pool in professional CS:GO, with a prize pool of USD 1,5 million each. They are followed by Eleague Season 1 which boasts a prize pool of USD 1,4 million and was organised in mid 2016.

With the rising popularity of CS:GO in the past few years, more and more tournaments are being conducted with considerable prize pools. While the release of Riot’s new shooter Valorant has certainly given a bit of a bump to the popularity of CS:GO, the prize money revolving around the esports scene of CS:GO is only expected to escalate steadily in the upcoming months due to the consistent and incredibly popular pro circuit of the shooter by Valve.

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