DarkZero Esports Opens Las Vegas Gaming House

North American organisation DarkZero Esports has completed the purchase of, and opened the doors to, its new Las Vegas gaming house. The 8,000 square foot, seven-bedroom facility, which houses the organisation’s players and content creators, was purchased by CEO Zach Matula on behalf of DarkZero in March.

Las Vegas is very quickly growing into an esports hub for the West Coast, if not all of America. DarkZero putting their streaming house there is a sure sign of that.

The facility intentionally separates residential living space from its offices to provide respite for the players and help maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle to combat burnout. Amid its amenities are a dedicated coaching area, production studio and editing bay, two streaming pods, an indoor gym, and a state-of-the-art bullpen for DarkZero players to train in.

Additionally, the residence features an area dedicated to organisation, player, and staff achievements called the Hall of Heroes. This includes hand-painted portraits of distinguished players, content creators, and coaching staff who have been members of DarkZero for more than two years.

A release states Matula plans to continue building on the 1.4 acre property to house future rosters and creators.

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