DreamHack Open Fall to Host Last CS:GO Regional Major Ranking Event in Europe

DreamHack Open Fall to Host Last CS:GO Regional Major Ranking Event in Europe

DreamHack will host the third and final Regional Major Ranking (RMR) CS:GO tournament for Europe at its Open Fall event.

DreamHack Open Fall will take place on October 15-25 and have USD 115,000 in prize money on offer on top of points towards the Regional Major Ranking, which will determine eleven spots at the next Major tournament.

Teams already ranked in the RMR circuit have until the deadline on September 9 to submit their rosters, in order for their invite eligibility to be determined.

The qualifying process to the tournament will begin on September 18-20 with the open part, followed by closed qualifiers on September 22-25.

Here is the current RMR standings for Europe. The rankings can still change if any of the teams make a roster swap ahead of DreamHack Open Fall. Eleven European teams will qualify for the next CS:GO Major.

  1. Vitality – 3,535 points (Legends)
  2. G2 – 2,680 points (Legends)
  3. Astralis – 2,400 points (Legends)
  4. GODSENT – 2,300 points (Challengers)
  5. ENCE – 2,155 points (Challengers)
  6. NiP – 2,085 points (Challengers)
  7. BIG – 2,000 points (Challengers)
  8. Fnatic – 1,875 points (Challengers)
  9. OG – 1,750 points (Challengers)
  10. Heroic – 1,625 points (Contender)
  11. FaZe – 1,611.2 points (Contender)
  12. North – 1,520 points
  13. Heretics – 1,412.5 points
  14. mousesports – 962.5 points
  15. x6tence – 872.5 points
  16. Movistar Riders – 735 points
  17. Complexity – 350 points
  18. FATE – 312.5 points
  19. c0ntact – 158.4 points
  20. Dignitas – 150 points

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