Valorant Episode 2 with New Agent

Valorant Episode 2 with New Agent

Valorant has announced Episode 2 will be coming within the next few days, and with the new announcement, a new agent will be joining the ranks. Yoru will be the 14th agent to join the Valorant 5v5 game.

Yoru stands out among the rest as he actually tears a hole in space time to infiltrate behind enemy lines. He is also equipped with abilities that will help players baffle enemies even more:

  • Fakeout – this ability equips players with an echo that mimics footsteps. The decoy can be sent first before the player to confuse enemies. Better yet – this ability can be activated immediately or after some time.
  • Blindside – the flash ability where Yoru literally throws a fragment of reality which then flashes the enemy after a bounce of a surface.
  • Gatecrash – it essentially teleports you to a position you tag when you need it.
  • Dimensional Drift – Yoru’s Ultimate move – you are thrown into another dimension and you become invisible and invulnerable to enemies as you use it.   

Yoru will be the fifth duelist in the class lineup, joining Phoenix, Jett, Raze and Reyna.  

Valorant Episode 2 is expected to land on the 12th of January.

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