Dubai Sports Council Partners with Gamefinder for Online Esports Tournament

Online gaming community Gamefinder has joined forces with The Sports Council of Dubai (SCD) to bring a series of online tournaments for Activision’s latest esport title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The initial tournaments will be organised in association with the Emirates Esports Association, where 16 teams will compete between the 20th and 22nd of May for cash prizes, gift vouchers, and more. Open free registration is available at Gamefinder’s website. Players are given the freedom to create a team or hop into an existing one.

SCD and Gamefinder are primed to host a series of tournaments down the line and eventually form a standalone league featuring big names to upraise the league’s standard. Gamefinder promises to allocate a prize pool to every tournament they organise along with live streaming the action granting advance exposure to the players. The pair aims to take the region’s top prospects and line them up with the world’s top esports athletes.

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