EMERGE Esports Talent Agency Officially Launches

EMERGE Esports Talent Agency Officially Launches

The newly launched EMERGE Esports is the latest addition to a growing list of esports talent agencies. The aims of EMERGE Esports is to develop the esports scene in Singapore, and grow and nurture future talents.

The agency has already gathered an impressive roster of 40 esports talents. Some of them are very well-known such as popular DOTA 2 streamer Dominik “Blackˆ” Reitmeier, Singapore’s top cosplayer “XIAOYUKIKO“, and Robert “Oh Deer Bambi” Boon.

Moreover the agency has established partnerships with sponsors and brands such as Redbull, Stashaway, Reubiks Academy, Royale Ergonomics, SteelSeries, Embily and Partea.

Esports is competing closely with traditional sports, heaving in millions in revenue each year. Gaming has evolved beyond a hobby, and will come as no surprise if it surpasses traditional sports in revenue in the future. Esports streams is said to be more viewed than NBA games now. The gaming industry has two and a half billion gamers globally, and is a $150 billion market.

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