Gaming Reduces Covid-19 Stress

Gaming Reduces Covid-19 Stress

Covid-19 lockdown is still prevalent in many countries across the world, since the beginning of this year. Many people have found gaming to be a paramount coping mechanism for dealing with the stresses that lockdown can bring.

According to a survey by Gambler’s Pick, a whole 77.3% of gamers find that gaming makes it easier to social distance. Another 68.2% say that video games reduces Covid-19 stress.

Without a normal schedule to adhere to, gaming can build a structure in a person’s day. Evenings between 6 and 10 pm are the most popular hours for gaming, while playing late afternoon is also popular. This adds up to an average of 15 hours of gaming per week per person.

Especially when gaming with friends online, it can uphold the attachment to them by engaging online when you are not able to see them in reality. Many people are leaning towards stress-free games during these times, with the Mario Kart series proving the most popular game. The least stressful games to play are also Animal Crossing and Minecraft.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Call Of Duty and Fortnite are proven to be more stress-inducing games.

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