PUBG Mobile 1.0 Version Launch Date Revealed And Global Championship Announced

PUBG Mobile will launch a 1.0 version on the 8th of September with new tech, new UX, new gameplay features and more to deliver the most realistic tactical tournament experience on mobile. 

Improvements have been made to players’ characters, including Main Lobby lights and environments, as well its iconic environments. Particles, smoke, air blasts, muzzle flashes, and the addition of scope interaction make every shot more realistic. 

Parachuting, sprinting, throwing and other key actions have also been optimized for a captivating battle royale experience. Also, upgrades to lighting systems and texture quality bring the vegetation, sky, and water to life. Models and texture quality are also improved to provide a more realistic feel and high-quality experience.

PMGC Season Zero will begin in late November and invites pro teams from all regions including Americas, Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, China, to compete for the highest prize pool of USD 2 million in PUBG Mobile esports history, and to be crowned the inaugural PUBG Mobile Global Champions (PMGC). 

Tencent previously planned on holding the PUBG Mobile World Leagues (PMWL) and a World Championship (PMWC) separately. They’ve been merged into one, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic to produce one big mega-event. American tech company Qualcomm Technologies will be the title sponsor of the PMGC.

The ongoing 16 Club Opens (PMCO) and seven Pro Leagues (PMPL) around the world will decide the 20 teams that will compete in the PMGC. The format of the championship will be similar to season zero of the PMWL, which ended earlier this month.

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