Razer Invests in Singapore Esports

Gaming giant Razer, one of the most popular brands with esports players and professionals, has decided to re-invest some of its wealth back into esports after announcing a SGD 10 million (approximately USD 7,3 million) cash injection for the Singapore esports and gaming community.

The funds allocated will be available to support the development of Singapore esports teams, as well as being accessible for gaming and esports companies based in Singapore.

Team Singapore will receive a significant part of the investment. Razer will be supporting this national representative team at the South East Asian Games (SEA) later this year and of which Razer are an official sponsor. This is big news for esports as for the first time, esports will be a medalled event in the South East Asian Games, reflective of the high status that esports has in Eastern Asia.

The news comes barely a month after it was announced that four leading businesses will pool their resources from within the advertising, media and gaming industries to help build a business to accelerate the huge rise in popularity of esports within the Southeast Asia region.

Games such as League of Legends, which has its exciting World Championships on the horizon, Dota 2 and StarCraft 2 are hugely popular in the region, but across all different types of esports, the Asian market is showing signs of extensive growth.

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