Riot Games Launches New Valorant Clothing Collection

Riot Games Launches New Valorant Clothing Collection

Riot Games has released official Valorant merchandise in the Riot Games Store.

Players can now represent their love for Valorant through one of these five newly released t-shirts and hoodies.

The t-shirts are priced at USD 30 each, while the hoodies come at a price tag of USD 65. All of the merchandise are available in various sizes so fans can get their perfect fit without much hassle.

With the continuing growth of Valorant as an FPS esport, it’s highly likely that Riot will make more Valorant merch available in the store in the near future. Till then, fans will have to choose between the five that were released today.

Fans have been asking for a Valorant clothing collection for a long time. Prior to this move, there was no official merch for Valorant available on the internet.

You can get your own Valorant hoodies and t-shirts through Riot’s store here.

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