TV Network for Esports Coming to New York and LA

Venn is a startup TV network, and stands for Video Game Entertainment & News Network. This New York-based TV network is unique, as they solely focus on esports and gaming news. It is led by an Emmy-winning producer, and the former executive of Vivendi Games.

These two business partners have raised a whopping 17 million USD, in order to create two TV studios; one in New York, and one in Los Angeles in 2020. Their goal is to create 55 hours of content on TV each week, for esports fans. The programs will be distributed on popular internet platforms as well, such as Twitch, and Youtube.

The plan is to raise a higher interest in esports among the public, but the key goal is to have a TV network for young people that love gaming. The creators of Venn see a shift in the lens of popular culture, and view esports as the most popular and engaging subject today for young people. Esports stars are seen as the “new” celebrities.

One question remains, as esports is largely a male-dominated field, how much influence esports has for women overall, is hard to tell. Having an esports-dedicated TV network, is although a very exciting step for the esports world.

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