The Russian Esports Audience Increased by 28% in 2020

The Russian Esports Audience Increased by 28% in 2020

Nielsen Sports, a leading provider of analytical information and statistics in the sports industry, has shared the results of a new Russian esports audience research at the ESforce Morning Show online conference.

According to Nielsen Sports, the audience of Russian esports fans in 2020 increased by 28% and amounted to 15,4 million people aged 13 and over.

The growth of esports in Russia got a boost during the global pandemic, as many people turned to gaming. Not only young males love esports, but also more and more females; this is a global trend but the effect is very strong in Russia.

Nielsen Sports, the global division of Nielsen, is an independent provider of analytics and consulting in the areas of fan research, sports marketing, and sponsorship.

ESforce Holding is one of the biggest esports organisations in the world and the leader of the Russian esports. The holding company unites all esports business key areas: from its own professional esports club to organisations of international tournaments, and from content creation and broadcasting to advertising and infrastructure projects.

ESforce Holding’s business include:

●, the most renowned and popular esports club in Russia,

● RuHub Studio, the leading Russian-speaking esports broadcasting studio,

●, the main esports media in CIS,

● Epicenter, the largest esports tournament series in CIS,

● Yota Arena, esports-entertainment venue.

ESforce’s resources cover more than 90% of the esports audience in Russia and CIS, as well as a significant segment of the international audience.

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