The World’s First Esports Training Facility in Fortnite Metaverse

The World’s First Esports Training Facility in Fortnite Metaverse

Gaming organisation and way of life model PWR has teamed up with structure and design agency Populous to launch an esports coaching and content material facility within the metaverse. 

According to a release, the vision is to launch the facility in Fortnite first before being created in the real world. Fans can access the PWR Facility via the island code <2798-2476-0891> in Fortnite Creative.

The PWR Facility has been designed specifically for the brand’s internal team and the wider gaming community to socialise, experience its training space and test the building design choices prior to being built in real life, according to the companies.

PWR is owned by Australian gaming content creator Lachlan Power, who has amassed over 14m subscribers on YouTube alone. PWR also has its own esports rosters competing in Rocket League and Fortnite.

For a limited time, gamers will be able to purchase Fortnite Icon Outfits of Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten, as well as Power, within the merchandise store inside the facility.

The gaming brand will use the facility created in Fortnite as PWR’s hub. The brand also highlighted that it hopes that as the capabilities of Fortnite’s metaverse expand, its functionality will evolve. As a result, more people will be able to witness PWR’s planned gaming experiences. 

In the release was an emphasis on providing a community for content creators, as well as a place to encourage esports gamers to train and develop stronger health and wellbeing opportunities.

The virtual facility was built within the popular Fortnite video game title and allows PWR players to train wherever they are in the world. The facility also allows for interaction with the organisation’s wider community.

Populus has a long history of designing major sports venues around the world, including Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, and the Sydney Olympic Stadium (now Accor Stadium) in Australia, while it has also built elite training facilities and dedicated esports arenas.

In constructing the PWR Facility, Populus has applied many of these design principles into the digital world, reflecting the growing maturity of esports organisations and their requirements.

In the PWR Facility, there are key spaces like the multi-functional event area, the boardroom, broadcast and VR streaming studios, the content creator’s editing suite and esports gamers training space on the upper level which is all connected to the central space. On the ground floor is the merchandise area and operational spaces.

The RWR Facility is intrinsically designed to exist and be experienced both in the virtual world and one day replicated in the physical world.

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