Crypto Gaming Creating Opportunities For Developing Countries

Crypto Gaming Creating Opportunities For Developing Countries

Developing nations around the world, when compared to developed westernised ones, have a considerable difference in career opportunity due to a number of different social and structural factors.

The birth of the internet and the application of it within these countries has proven positive as many individuals can now earn a living as long as they have an internet connection and the relevant software.

Crypto gaming has opened up opportunities for developing countries. Many people are now opening up new doors to create streams of income with very little to no barrier of entry.

Splinterlands, Aliens World and Farmers World currently are the top three crypto games titles. Alien Worlds is currently ranked as the most popular in user volume. Games such as The Sandbox have paved the way for large companies to enter the metaverse through their virtual open world game.

Playing games such as The Sandbox and Blankos Block Party allows players to earn through the challenges and events hosted through their IP. Overall, the earning potential has become staggering amongst players and with certain titles gaining esports exposure this further legitimises how lucrative Play-To-Earn really is.

India, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates have the highest rates of engagement. Developing nations have become a driving user force with countries like Nigeria, The Philippines, Vietnam and Brazil having large numbers of users engaging.

For players in developing countries, the income they earn by playing NFT-based Play-To-Earn games is more notable than what their local economy can offer. Evolving technologies unique to the blockchain sustain economic stabilization owing to the access to currency alternatives.

The rise in the number of gaming options offers the chance for additional income streams for those struggling to make ends meet. Play-To-Earn can be a solution to the economic problems associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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