DreamHack Announces Festival Tour 2023

DreamHack Announces Festival Tour 2023

DreamHack is set to go big in 2023, announcing a Festival Tour that will host 12 esports events worldwide throughout the year.

The event series will roll out with 12 esports festivals and gatherings. While some staples like DreamHack Dallas, Melbourne, Valencia, and Winter will return, other new events are being added to the schedule such as DreamHack San Diego. Some events such as DreamHack Anaheim and Austin don’t seem to be on the schedule at this time.

The new additions, DreamHack San Diego and DreamHack Japan, will take place in April and May respectively. Moreover, both DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Winter will take place in Jönköping in June and November respectively.

The full schedule of DreamHack Festival Tour 2023 events is as follows:

  • San Diego: April 7 – 9
  • Melbourne, Australia: April 28 – 30
  • Japan: May 13 – 14
  • Dallas, Texas: June 2 – 4
  • Hannover, Germany: June 8 – 11
  • Summer (Jönköping, Sweden): June 16 – 18
  • Valencia, Spain: July 7 – 9
  • Hyderabad, India: October 29 – 31
  • Winter (Jönköping, Sweden): November 24 – 26
  • Valencia: December 8 – 10
  • Atlanta: December 15 – 17
  • Hannover: December 14 – 17

Tickets will also go on sale soon for the first events of DreamHack Festival Tour 2023, so check out the event’s website if you plan to attend.

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