Harrisburg University Launches Esports Research Center

Harrisburg University Launches Esports Research Center

Harrisburg University, USA, has announced the launch of a new research center devoted to the study of esports.

“The center will serve as a hub for interdisciplinary research surrounding an industry that continues to experience tremendous growth,” said HU President Dr. Eric Darr. “Professors, students, industry experts and more will collaborate on research to understand the social impact, the shape and role of the industry, and the economic and educational opportunities esports offers going forward.”

In 2018, HU launched its own esports team, the HU Storm, which subsequently has won numerous national and international championships.

The center is headed by Charles Palmer, who leads HU’s Esports, Management and Production program. “Since esports research is in its infancy, we have decided to focus on three primary areas: the health and performance of athletes, potential for professional advancement, and issues pertaining to equality, diversity, and community engagement,” Palmer said.

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