Rocket League’s Limited Time Game Modes Every Weekend in May

Rocket League’s newest in-game event offers players the chance to enjoy brand new game modes along with the return of some fan favorites. The Modes of May event begins on the 1st of May, and will feature a different extra game mode every weekend from Thursday until the following Monday.

The Modes of May event kicks off with Dropshot Rumble, a mixture between two of Rocket League‘s extra modes. The combination of the two modes blends the surgical precision of Dropshot with the utter chaos and RNG of Rumble to create an amusing and entertaining match type.

Check out the schedule below:

May 1 – May 4: Dropshot Rumble

May 7 – May 11: Beach Ball

May 14 – May 18: Boomer Ball

May 21 – May 26: Heatseeker

The Modes of May will run each weekend from the 1st to the 26th of May. Each new mode kicks off at 11am CT. Players can find the full schedule on Psyonix’s website

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