Verizon Powers 5G Future for Esports

Verizon Powers 5G Future for Esports

Verizon 5G is powering a gaming revolution enabling fans to download games in seconds, play data-intensive, multiplayer games typically reserved for consoles on mobile and engage in totally new, immersive ways.

Verizon and EA are joining forces to launch a partnership that will combine the power of Verizon 5G and the creativity of EA developers to explore solutions that will create the most dynamic player experiences in EA SPORTS Madden NFL Mobile – leveraging 5G labs to test and optimize gameplay and establish new standards in the future of gaming.

The power of 5G is transforming gaming. The speeds, low latency and capacity of Verizon’s superior 5G network have huge implications for developers, esports teams and fans. Verizon has demonstrated its leadership throughout the ecosystem at the company’s first-ever keynote presentation at E3.

Virtual reality innovations will allow fans to experience live events together, remotely, giving them the best seats in the house with 360-degree views that put them in the middle of the action.

The E3 presentation showcased how Verizon 5G and Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) technology are fueling innovations for developers, esports teams, and fans with partners Electronic Arts (EA), Dignitas, Riot Games, and Team Liquid.

The company has also announced the Verizon Game Forward Scholarship, a USD 1 million commitment with the mission to increase female representation in the gaming industry and bolster opportunity and presence in STEM careers.

Verizon 5G will be crucial in creating fan-facing experiences that will take fan engagement to new heights as live events are returning. Verizon and Team Liquid are forming an innovation partnership that will reimagine fan engagement around the gaming industry’s biggest moments. In-person experiences will be more immersive, giving fans new ways to experience their favorite events, and enabling streamers to engage fans live from those events for the first time.

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