Women in Games Annual Global Conference 2023

Women in Games Annual Global Conference 2023

Women in Games Annual Global Conference will take place virtually on Tuesday, the 10th of October, tickets are available now. To find out more, check here. Hundreds of women and allies from around the world will join for a full day of discussion and networking.

Taking place via the Hopin online platform, the Women in Games Annual Global Conference will ask what is being done to disrupt existing norms and bring fairness to the playing field for women.

From questions based on original research about representation such as ‘What’s going wrong with women’s dialogue in video games?’, to questions from returning innovators about pay such as ‘Salary transparency: breaking the game or path to success?’, the Women in Games Annual Global Conference will offer abundant challenges to the prevailing lack of fairness, whether that be in work or play environments.

Every session will pose a significant question, focusing on the Women in Games Priority Spheres of Action:

  • Fairness: equity and parity of pay and opportunity
  • Toxicity and Harassment: within workplace and gaming spaces
  • Entrepreneurship: opportunities, investment and funding
  • Talent Development: developing talent and fostering leadership culture
  • Education: all types and at all levels: school, training, colleges, universities, research institutes
  • Diverse Creative Representation: of women and their ideas in platforms, products and services
  • Advocacy and Awareness: raising awareness about the importance of gender equality in the global gaming ecosystem and challenging harmful stereotypes and biases
  • Research and Data Collection: conducting research on the state of gender equality in gaming; using data-driven insights to inform strategies and measure progress
  • Community Building: fostering safe and inclusive gaming communities, provide resources to support women and girls, and encourage positive behaviours

“There are still huge challenges facing women working in games and esports and women and girls playing games online,” the Chief Executive Officer for Women in Games, Marie-Claire Isaaman, said. “Our work at Women in Games is to address these significant challenges and look to find solutions. Our Women in Games Annual Global Conference provides us with the chance to ask difficult questions, to disrupt, in the hope of collectively seeking answers.”

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