Esports For Parents Brings The Latest Topics on Esports

Esports For Parents Brings The Latest Topics on Esports

Esports For Parents has unveiled a brand new blog focused on topics relating to esports, gaming, and how parents can help their kids learn about opportunities in esports.

The platform leads the way in working to understand the ever-changing world of online gaming and esports, whether it’s information about specific games, college, scholarships, or even parenting.

Like kids who want to grow up to become professional football or tennis players, many kids also aspire to be professional esports athletes or work in the gaming industry as developers, designers, and even coaches.

The blog was created by Sean and Deb Nicholson who wanted to share their journey and their view as parents in the world of online gaming and esports. They also wanted to provide answers to questions that they have heard from other parents of gamers.

“As parents of a child who grew up playing Rocket League and has played on a collegiate Rocket League team, we thought it might be helpful to share our experiences and create content that helps parents of gamers and aspiring esports athletes understand how to talk with their gamer, what to expect in the esports industry, and learn more about the video games their kids are playing,” explains Deb, a parent, puzzle enthusiast, and healthcare professional.

For example, for parents with children or teens spending a lot of time playing Dota 2, Esports For Parents shares a few nuggets of knowledge about the game that might help both parents and gamers better understand it.

Kids trying to convince their parents that a career in esports and professional gaming is a real thing may check out the Esports For Parent’s article that provides tips on opening the dialogue and evolving the conversation over time. 

Those who want to learn more about Esports For Parents or check out its latest articles on esports, gaming, and parenting may visit the website for more information.

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