International 10 Prize Pool Surpasses New Milestone

International 10 Prize Pool Surpasses New Milestone

The International 10 Dota 2 has pushed their prize pool, despite the effect and uncertainty that Covid-19 had on the tournament. This year they have pushed the prize pool record from last year, by topping 40 Million USD.

This prize pool was made possible thanks to Valve giving this year’s Battle Pass a few extensions. Two hours before Battle Pass ended, the prize pot was stuck at 39,955,000 USD, then a surge in purchases made the final amount propel over that hurdle, and towards 40 Million.

Dota 2 now holds the top 6 spots for largest esports prize pool in history. In 7th place, right after Dota 2 is Fortnite’s World Cup Finals from 2019. It is still uncertain when Dota T10 will be held, and chances are that it will not commence until after Summer 2021. It is more likely that Valve will use this money to sponsor other competitions.

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