The Impact of Esports Streaming Subculture

The Impact of Esports Streaming Subculture

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Esports streaming has seen an immense increase in popularity among gamers. According to Yougov’s Global Gaming and Esports 2020 White Paper “over the past decade, gaming video content (GVC) has developed its own distinct online subculture, and even its own celebrities. Think of one of the most popular gaming streamers on Youtube, what immediately comes to our mind is PewDiePie.

PewDiePie is the second largest Youtube channel in the whole world, with 107 million subscribers. His Youtube channel became popular through him filming clips of himself gaming, while making funny and sarcastic/witty remarks. Live streaming is also growing steadily with millions of viewers watching gamers play and listening to their commenting.

For some, watching live streams and people gaming is just as important as gaming itself. YouGov has quoted that the most popular esports streaming platforms are Twitch, Youtube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming.

The proportion of gamers who stream differs from market to market, and different regions of the world. While Youtube gaming is a particularly popular platform in Southeast Asia, Twitch is more popular in Scandinavia, UK & the US. Facebook Gaming is a relatively new platform, but one which is gaining traction in the Middle East.

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